Tiny's Pizza’s Guide To Summer in Berlin

Tiny's Pizza’s Guide To Summer in Berlin Ace and Tate on Trippin

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Tiny's Pizza’s Guide To Summer in Berlin

Tiny's pizza on Trippin
Tiny's Pizza

To mark Ace & Tate’s ‘Bring on the Sun’ campaign, we’ve partnered up with the brand and collaborated with collectives across Europe to bring you their recommendations for the best ‘sun spots’ in their home city. This series celebrates the transformative nature of summer and each city guide will shine a light on must-visit locations for enjoying the sunshine, local style.

Summer in Europe is always highly anticipated and nowhere more so than in Berlin, where the temperature regularly drops below freezing in the winter months. When the sun finally does turn up, the residents follow suit. You can feel the euphoric energy in the air as Berliners flock to the city’s parks, bars, and restaurants.

One such spot is Tiny’s Pizza, a restaurant born out of a community. The owner, known as Tiny Tim, started out by making pizza for his friends and organising pizza parties for fun until one day someone wanted to pay him for a slice. That’s when he realised he had a business on his hands and set up a restaurant. He’s stayed true to his original community-minded ethos though and the physical space is about more than just food.

“It’s not just a pizzeria but also a place to meet friends, meet new people, and also to experience new music.” Tim says he loves how the city and all its options open up in summer. “You can basically hang out at a lake all day and then go to a concert and then go out and then return to the same lake the next day, or another lake because there are so many of them.”

The employees share Tim’s open-minded spirit. Read their guide to find out where to head in Berlin for baked goods, paddle boats or to just hang out in the sunshine.

La Maison

It’s a very lovely spot, right on Paul-Lincke-Ufer. The bakery is really good, I think it’s been rated one of the best in Berlin so the croissants and baked goods there are really delicious.

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Paul Lincke-Ufer

This is kind of a general spot in the summer, people just try and catch as much sun as they can, with a beer or with wine and you kind of just find whatever space you have, maybe you run into some friends, maybe you meet someone new. That’s kind of the energy, it’s very casual.

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Treptower Park

It’s really nice to go on bike rides, also through the forest that is attached to it. And this island (Insel der Jugend) specifically is really lovely because there’s an outdoor cinema there, you can rent boats, there’s a little späti to pick up snacks or something to drink. And then there’s this one little spot, kind of like a boardwalk, where you just find people picnicking and sprawling out and the sun sets right along that view.

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This is where you can rent out some paddle boats. It’s quite fun being on these little paddle boats. Actually driving the boat yourself is a different experience and with a close circle of friends it’s very funny but hectic as well.

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Tiny’s pizza

It’s a really cute restaurant, kind of tucked away in the centre of the city. We have a big garden, a really big outdoor space for seating and for people to enjoy themselves. In the summer there’s a big emphasis on music and having DJs perform here.

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