• Brockwell Lido
Brockwell Lido

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    Heated lidos are actually quite a luxury, while London holds a few of them, we won’t be focusing on them because we think there are so many benefits to having a relationship with cold water. The cold water brings a presence of thought and strengthens the connection between body and mind through the odd sensations you feel, it’s so hard to describe, that’s why you must try it for yourself! So don’t be afraid to go to south London's Brockwell Lido for a dip that will make you feel truly awake, followed by a munch at their amazing cafe. Or head to Tooting Bec Lido that will recreate swimming in the sea as the pool is nearly 100 metres long! Lastly, consider one of the most beautiful lidos in the UK, Parliament Hill Lido with it’s metallic basin (we thought this was done to heat the water up, but it was actually installed to reduce maintenance time as there are no tiles) which also boasts a cafe that has great falafel wraps and traditional breakfast scran. Swim Level: Beginner Public Transport: Yes 
Facilities: Yes