• Nicos, CDMX, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Nicos, CDMX, Mexico City, Mexico
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    Make a reservation for 3pm, preferably on a Thursday or Friday when they have live music, and go for a superbly long meal. It’s far, yes, probably a 30min Uber from your Airbnb or hotel, and its in the middle of nowhere, and its only open for lunch - but it’s one of most soulful meals in CDMX. Its traditional Mexican dining at its absolute best, showcasing much of the diversity of the food of different regions of Mexico, as well as interesting Mexican ingredients and ancient Mexican recipes. Ask about the “teporocho” (alcoholic tea) to end the meal. In fact, ask lots of questions about everything! The menu changes often and the waiters are very educated on the food they serve so just ask for suggestions.