A Guide to Solo Travel in Jamaica

BY Gina Hargitay

A Guide to Solo Travel in Jamaica


Solo travel in Jamaica is not advised, unless you are travelling there to meet up with a larger group. For women, travelling in pairs (at the very least) is advised, or preferably within a larger group. Women receive a lot of attention in Jamaica and travelling alone or in a pair as a female could put you in danger of harassment or assault.

Backpacking in general, especially alone, is also not advised. Without intimate knowledge of the country and which areas could present a risk to your safety, moving around alone without your own vehicle is generally not considered to be a good idea. Accepting rides from strangers is also advised against.

People are extremely friendly in day-to-day interactions. So much so that it is normal for strangers to greet one another as they pass by. As a foreigner, people are very likely to be curious about your home and life or invite you to places. In such a case it would be better to ensure a meeting in public places until you are sure about the person’s intentions.