A Guide to Solo Travel in Mexico City

BY Dimitri Voulg

A Guide to Solo Travel in Mexico City
Photo by Will Ried


No hay problema (most of the time)!

Mexicans are generally warm, welcoming and friendly. It wouldn’t take much for a solo traveller to meet people at a park, cafe, bar or party, and be invited to do something fun.

According to my South Korean girl friend Yuna, model, 31, who’s lived in Mexico City for a few years, travelling alone inside the city is safer than expected. However, it applies to specific neighbourhoods, and she wouldn’t suggest women risking being alone at funky hours. “I never worry about something happening to me, but I stay on the safe side. Verbal harassment, though, is pretty common in the streets, at any time of the day. It happens less when with men, or in a group of females, but it still happens.” Dating apps are also a great way to meet people, yet again, common sense applies. It may be wiser to meet new people at public areas than at someone’s house. The high rate of violence against women in the city is definitely not something to overlook, but this doesn’t mean you should refrain from swiping right on that hottie.