Barbados: The Cultural Codes and Etiquette

BY Ashlee Constance

Barbados: The Cultural Codes and Etiquette


Keep the swimsuits and cover ups for the beach. Once you’re in the capital it’s expected that you dress appropriately to enter shops and men aren’t allowed to enter most places shirtless. Short pants, crop tops and skirts are pretty much the daily uniform to fight the heat. Modesty is not practised on the island, unless attending a religious ceremony.

As you enter any rum shop or shop, you are kinda expected to greet everyone, not individually but with a friendly Good Morning, Good Evening or Goodnight. Doing this will make everything a lot easier, and you may even strike up a nice conversation.

Barbadians drink freely in public. Public displays of affection are no issue however if it gets heavy, its best to take care of things privately.

Barbados is a very safe place, however like most places try to avoid dangerous situations. Walking the beach late at night alone or in dark areas of the city is something you shouldn’t do. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the Caribbean, so you have very little to worry about.