Ibiza Travel Essentials with Bimini

BY TJ Sidhu

Travel Essentials Bimini
Photography by Sophie Jones


In its hedonistic history, Ibiza’s seen ’em all come and go. The island has flirted with supermodels, hung out with hippies, bowed down to royalty, got raucous with ravers and birthed some salacious stories all in the name of a bloody good time.

And yet, last weekend, when Bimini Bon Boulash washed up on the shores of the party island in that Miu Miu two-piece, stacked stripper heels and a one-way ticket to The Standard’s newly-opened spot in Ibiza for its raucous opening, it was like the island was welcoming a whole new breed of life – one that transcends time, space, the works.

Since their very first day on RuPaul’s Drag Race back in 2020, Bimini’s gone from drag fan favourite to the face of underground British fashion to proper, bonafide national treasure. With slick one-liners, a conveyor belt of party-ready looks (think: cowboy hats, micro-minis and thigh-high boots) and a party stamina to rival that of any Balearic aficionado, Bimini – to no surprise – made their self at home at The Standard Ibiza quicker than you can say “another Aperol?”

Ibiza Travel Essentials with Bimini

Like all great party people, Bimini’s no new traveller, often found trippin’ from city to city, dancefloor to dancefloor. “Travelling has allowed me to visit places and the world and experience cultures, meet different people and see the world through a different lens,” they say. “It’s so important because often we get wrapped up in our own lives and in what’s happening right now. It’s good to get away and live in the moment.”

And live in the moment they did. Over the last weekend, Bimini could be found making the most of the Castle of Ibiza backdrop on The Standard’s rooftop in photo ops and the pristine walls of their room when shot by London photographer and filmmaker Sophie Jones, tucking into vegan delectables downstairs in the hotel’s sexy restaurant, Jara, or hosting the after’s back at theirs like it was 1999. And ever the talker, Bimini was offering some pearly words of wisdom to hungover heads around the pool, too.

“Be free and just find people that are on the same wavelength as you,” they said. “That’s one of the best things you can do with travelling, being open to meeting people so it’s beautiful.”

Below, Bimini breaks down their go-to essentials for any traveller. Take note and pay close attention. Especially the first one.



“Your passport is a very essential item. If you don’t have one you will get stuck - you won’t even be able to go. I was once coming back from Greece and my passport got stolen, which meant I had to spend the weekend in Athens on my own trying to figure out how to get back to the UK. I mean there are a lot worse places to be, but obviously that changed a lot of my plans, so make sure you have your passport and look after it!”

Ibiza Travel Essentials with Bimini Trippin


Cowboy Hat

“I’m a sucker for a cowboy hat. I’ve got them in many different styles. I think they’re great for either adding a bit of eccentricity or a bit more oomph to an outfit, but they can also help with protecting you against the sun cos you know it can get hot.”

Ibiza Travel Essentials with Bimini Trippin


SPF 50 & Fake Tan

"Very very very important. I love myself a SPF 50 because I have very fair skin. It’s important you protect your face and your body. SPF not only helps protect your skin against skin cancer, but it also helps premature ageing of the skin, which none of us want! I have fake tan with me so it does look like I’m getting that little bit of a glow and bit of a tan. Also everyone just feels a bit better when they’ve got a bit of a glow.”

Ibiza Travel Essentials with Bimini Trippin



"These sunglasses just add something to your look. So, if you’ve been out late the night before or you’re just wanting to switch up how your outfit feels, putting a pair of sunglasses on can always do that. It can also make you feel like a bad bitch!”

Ibiza Travel Essentials with Bimini Trippin



“Lastly, my Versace sliders. It was just a lovely little treat to myself. They were in a colour bright green because I think it’s just a bit of an unusual colour and it just brings something different to the outfit, so if you’re wearing all white with those it’s a nice popping colour and they just look great. Although, I’m not going to lie Versace, they were slightly uncomfortable the first few wears, but you wear them in. They’re great for the beach, great for the pool - basically great for everything!”

Ibiza Travel Essentials with Bimini
Ibiza Travel Essentials with Bimini

In a world of bores, be a Bimini. Go on, book your stay at The Standard Ibiza here.

Photography by Sophie Jones