• Currency

    Euro (EUR)

  • Language(s)

    Spanish, Castilian, Basque, Catalan, Valencian, Galician, Occitan

  • Location

    39.02001, 1.48215

  • Weather


Ibiza’s magnetism has long attracted the non conforming; ever since Franco-fleeing artists flocked to the isle back in the 1930s and turned sleepy farming villages into bohemian enclaves. Soon after, the ubiquity of ecstasy and acid house gave way to the hazy hedonism of the 90s; someone mentions Ibiza and those grainy analog shots of wide eyed ravers come to mind. 

Today, Ibiza is still a party destination – albeit more polished – but the island is so much more than sun-kissed bodies moving to balearic beats, a new guard is moving the cultural needle back to the early days of 1970s bohemia and putting nature back on its pedestal. Between sunrise and sunset, the island offers farm-to-table dining, sound baths, hidden beaches with aquamarine waters, as well as heady 24-hour parties reminiscent of the golden era… without a VIP area in sight (if you look hard enough).