New York City: A Local's Guide

BY Michella Ore

New York City: A Local's Guide


Welcome to New York City. People are constantly on the move, this is a city of hustlers, a place where people come to level up, settling isn’t an option. You’ll quickly realize that there’s always going to be a lot more to do than you have time in the day for. And that’s cool, NYC was meant to be explored more than once.

Located at the tip of New York state, more people call this city home than any other city in America. There’s an energy in the air you won’t find anywhere else. A defiant boldness where artists, tastemakers, and corporate sharks come to live their truth, create their own community and demand respect on their own terms.

If you’re looking for the best time to visit, Spring or Fall is your best bet. As the city begins to thaw out from the winter, NYC starts to kick into high gear; concerts, outdoor markets and beach days are back on and there’s no better time to join in with the fun. Once September rolls around, most of the humidity from the summer has burned off but you’re still left with a month of sunny days and comfortably balmy nights.

To make sure you’re making the most out of your trip, try to map out five things you want to hit. It’s a number that will keep you grounded while offering room for flexibility.

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