The Best of Feel Good Funk and Disco from LeBRON

The Best of Feel Good Funk and Disco from LeBRON


The fourth in our series sees a mix from Australian DJ, LeBRON.

LeBRON is a disco-funk DJ and producer from Melbourne, Australia, spreading beach vibes and disco around the globe. Influenced from the energetic era of the early 80s funk scene, artists such as Chic, Kwick, Change and many more, are simply a starter to where LeBRON's musical journey begins. His love for rare gems was sparked in part by his exposure to the French disco house scene, through acts such as Breakbot, Irfane and Daft Punk.

His mixes are a flawless expression of his musical tastes and we're excited to present LeBRON for Episode 004 in the Trippin Mix Series on Mixcloud. One hour of feel good funk and disco to keep you moving from home.

Read on to learn more about the mix.

Tell us about how you approached this mix.

So I actually made this mix after a very hectic stressful rush from where I was living in Europe back to my hometown of Melbourne. Especially in such a time of concern and unknown, surrounded by the mayhem of airports and connecting flights, I had to find my serenity. The music I've selected for this mix was a collection of deep soulful 70s and 80s ballads, which for me is nothing but magic. Breaking it down, it's not just skill behind the musicians but the song writing and poetic lyrics. Combined together is so powerful in helping us to appreciate the surrounding environment.

This mix is perfect for some quiet alone time or with close company, at the end of a long day and time to settle down to enjoy the sunset.

What’s some of your favourite music-related travel memories?

One of the best experiences I've had was in South Africa. I didn't know a soul and was attending a wedding at the most beautiful location. I met an amazing group of like-minded people who shared a passion for music and we partied for a week on the cliff tops of Cape Town through numerous sunsets and sunrises. The energy of the city was incredible and the local vibe of the music was so different to any other continent I've been. It's such an isolated place with so many undiscovered treasures for the world to see.

How are you staying uplifted whilst in lockdown?

The lockdown has been the perfect opportunity to work on finishing some music. I feel for me it's a long process requiring patience and my home is a nice environment and atmosphere to find inspiration.

What's a place you're most looking forward to visiting?

I'm really looking forward to exploring more of Mexico. I have been once and feel I didn't even scratch the surface of how amazing the country is with its diversity, the people, the food, the music scene!

Listen to LeBRON's mix here.

The Tracklist:

Baseball - Michael Franks

It Don't Hurt Now - Teddy Pendergrass

I Owe You Love - Brighter Side Of Darkness

I Only Want You - The S.O.S Band

It's Too Late - The Strangers

The Things We Do In Love - B.B & Q. Band

Take Another Look At Love - Dynasty

I Owe You Love - Brighter Side Of Darkness

Songbird - Brian Bennett

A Penny For Your Thoughts - Tavares

Lead Me On - Maxine Nightingale

Gotta Find a Love - Enchantment

Sukiyaki - A taste of honey

Insatiable Woman - Isley, Jasper, Isley

Ready, Ready Love - Karin Jones

I Destroyed Your Love - Special Delivery

Just Another Nervous Wreck - Supertramp

Mother of Creation - Bobby Caldwell

Who's Right, Who's Wrong - Pages

Go Out With A Bang - Fatback

Just let me be close to you - The Valentine Brothers

Sho'Nuff Must Be Luv - Heatwave

Love Me Like This - Real to Reel

Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright) - Change

In Love With Music - Chic

Fallin' In Love - Kokopop

I'm In Love Again - O'Bryan

Friends And Strangers - Ronnie Laws

A Gentleman - Randy Hall

Let's Make Love Tonight - The Isley Brothers

Eternally - The Emotions

Looking Out For You - Rick Clarke

I Commit To Love - Howard Hewett

Downstream - Supertramp

Jealousy - Michael Franks

The Skin You're In - Tavares

Aimer D'Amour - Boule Noire

Can't Say Goodbye - Bobby Caldwell

Im Always Dancin To The Music - Benny Golson

Looking Out For You - Rick Clarke

When It's Cold Outside - Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke

Come Into My Life - Joyce Sims

Turn Your Love Around - George Benson

Your Sweet Love - Al Jarreau

I'm So In Love With You - Wizdom

I'll Be Here For You - Caroline Crawford

Stop, Look, Listen To Your Heart - Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye

Keep On Keeping On - George Frye

Baby Come Home - Willie Hutch

Just Us - Samuel Jonathan Johnson

Fly Away - Stevie Woods

Give Me Your Love - Peabo Bryson

how can you live without love - JeanTterrell

Angel in the Sky - Rose Royce

Think back and remember - Jeff Lorber Fusion