The Trippin Mixes - 003 Kat La Kat

The Trippin Mixes - 003 Kat La Kat


The third in our series sees a mix from South African DJ, Kat La Kat.

Kat La Kat is a deep house DJ, producer and sound engineer from South Africa that has earned near-legendary status over the past few years, largely thanks to his ‘Deep Vibes’ mix series.

To him, existing as an artist in your community alone is limiting - you’re in a bubble. Experiencing the unknown is key and travel unlocks “a whole different world” of fresh experiences. “You pick up a lot of things you can use in your own creativity”.

Having grown up in Pretoria, he relocated to Johannesburg to experience diversity and the underground music scene. “Jo’burg is a melting pot of different cultures. It’s the biggest economy in the country, so there are a lot of people from all over either just visiting or actually moving here. They’re always bringing their culture and influences that inspire the music scene. The city has a lot of platforms for different kinds of music and the underground scene is really healthy."

Check out his guide to Jo'burg here and read on to learn more about the mix.

Tell us about how you approached this mix.

I drew inspiration from long road trips. We all love the dance floor bangers, but sometimes we need something to sit back and nod your head to before the party.

Is there a place or feeling that you imagine with it?

Golden sunset hour under the clear beautiful African skies.

Where are you most looking forward to travel to after this all ends?

Any gathering of music enthusiasts will do. Hahaaa. The craving is too real.

Listen to Kat La Kat's mix here.

The Tracklist:

Breathing SpaceX - Elsa Hewitt

Got Me Coming Back Rite Now - Moodymann

You Ate My Sandwich - Zito Mowa

Inspiration - Roberto Bronco feat. Mavuthu Dzege

Ticon - Luca Musto

Superstition (Lukas Endhardt Remix) - Kyrill & Redford

Dusty Clouds - Modd

Dansakoni - Peter Power

Folle - Fort Romeau

Believe - Viken Arman feat. Jo.Ke

Kaos - Detmolt