Valentine's Mix: Indian Love Songs with Mera Bhai

Valentine's Mix: Indian Love Songs with Mera Bhai on Trippin


Love is in the air with our Valentine's special mix brought to you by Mera Bhai.

Born in London, with roots in India, alongside time spent growing up in Italy, Albania, Saudia Arabia, Dubai and Nigeria, Producer and DJ Mera Bhai's worldly influence seeps into his unique take on dance music. Hard to pin down, he is centred on a musical balance, between eastern and western traditions, the new and the old. Taking influence from Indian Carnatic music, Arabic Rai and 70s Disco, with a heavy dose of 80s/90s Acid House, Detroit techno and tropicalia on top.

Tell us about the theme for your mix?

Indian music and romance go hand in hand. Most of contemporary Indian Music is 'love songs' actually as most music in India still comes largely from film, in which a large part of the plot will be a love story. Historically music would have been religious/folk and so more narrative, but Indian love songs do actually date back as far as these tunes too!

Having spent so much of my life, and certainly all my childhood holidays in Tamil Nadu - I thought what better way to celebrate V-Day with everyone than to offer a mix of my favourite Romantic Tamil tunes from the 90's. Some seriously good tunes in here mixed with some seriously good cheese, I'd say the perfect balance if you're looking to woo but don't know how to. Whack this mix on and let Cupid work his magic.

How would you describe Tamil Nadu to someone who’s never been?

Historically, Culturally, Culinarily, Sonically, Visually beyond imagination. I don’t think any description other than that could do it justice.

Why do you travel, what does it mean for you?

I’ve never really questioned why I do it, as it’s always seemed like travel has very much been woven into the fibres of who I am. I grew up all over the world - Italy, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Albania, the UK - and spent all my holidays in India with family, so I’ve always been on the move. In recent years I’ve spent most of my time between the UK, India and on the road with my band Flamingods, so the continuation of travel has never really ceased for me - which is clearly a subconscious decision to keep going!

To me, travel is about expanding my mind by seeing new things, meeting new people, having new experiences. In a weird way all these things that are so new and ‘different’ make you feel so much more connected.

Apart from phone and passport, what are your travel essentials?

A travel essential for me is my journal, I always feel the most inspired when I’m on the move and feel like I almost always have the deepest reflections when I’m at airports. Books (nowadays my kindle); in recent years my Holga camera has found its way into my essentials list - and lastly and 100% importantly, my headphones which I couldn’t live without.

Listen to Mera Bhai's Mix here.

Track List

1. I Love You (Interlude) - Ilaiyaraaja

2. Katti Pudikkattma - S. Janaki

3. Poo Poova Poothirukku - S.P Balasubrahmanyam, Swarnalatha

4. Kaattaana Ponnu Romantica - Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam

5. Mottu Mottu Malaradha - Swaranalatha

6. Intha Siru Pennai - Hariharan, Vibha Sharma

7. Kaadhal Neethana - Unnikrishnan, Sujatha

8. Thaneerai Kaadhalikum - Sangeetha, Sajith

9. Kulicha Kuthalam - S.P Balasubrahmanyam, T.K Kala

10. Adichi Pudichi - Devan Ekambaram, Sunitha Sarathy

11. Brahmma - Anand & Swarnalatha

12. Kaaturen Kaaturen -S.P Balasubrahmanyam

13. Mukkala Mukkabala - Mano, Swarnalatha

14. Poo Nilavonu - S.P Balasubrahmanyam, Chorus

15. Punnai Vanathu Kuyile - Balasubrahmanyam, S. Janaki

16. Kattikadalam - S.P Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra

17. Theme Music - Yuvan Shankar

Valentine's Mix: Indian Love Songs with Mera Bhai on Trippin