Where to Find Good Accommodation in Berlin

BY Max Migowski

Where to Find Good Accommodation in Berlin


First things first, people living in Berlin are prone, painstakingly so, to sublet their rooms or apartments. It’s not so much a sublet per definition, and more so an offer to live in someone’s space for a very limited amount of time, for just a few days to weeks to months, at good, often negotiable rates that rarely stray too far above or beyond the actual tenant’s rent. This can mean anything from around €300 to €1000 per month, depending obviously on the space’s size, location and utilities. Instagram and friends-of-friends will be the key to success here, but speaking from experience, if you happen to know someone living in Berlin, they will, like me, see these sorts of proposals on the daily, sometimes even on more of a room-swap basis. So before you book accommodation elsewhere, be sure to leverage the perks of social media, and maybe help a private local make some extra coins instead of giving your money to chains or gentrifiers.

If this, for whatever reason, won’t suit your arrangements, it’ll depend on what you’re willing to spend and how many people you’re with. Since you’ll (presumably) be out and about for most of your stay, there’s really no point in paying big sums for fancy hotels. Instead, check Airbnb or hostels. Prices for the latter vary immensely and, among other classic components, season plays a big role – the ballpark is €50+/- per night. Same applies to Airbnb rentals, though note you might have to factor in a deposit, certain service fees and that these are fully furnished apartments as opposed to bunk bed-rooms, meaning they’re typically the nicer but more expensive of the two.

On that note though, It is also worth knowing though that rents here have surged in utter disproportion to other German cities, and the appeal of inexpensive space has raked in international youths and companies alike, not-so-slowly but steadily banishing locals in their pursuit of it. The corporate overtaking of entire promenades of real estate and the influx of less price-sensitive residents from wealthier areas of the country, continent or parts of the world, are firmly, consciously or not, holding the city and its ur-folk hostage. Keep this in mind while skimming options.

To determine where you’re going to stay, have a look at the Hoods section of this piece, and filter according to what or where you’re in the mood for. To sum up, generally speaking, German hospitality and reviews are pretty trustworthy, and you’re bound to find ethical and budget-appropriate accommodation through common practises of research and hearsay.