The Trippin Mixes - 002 Dar Disku

The Trippin Mixes - 002 Dar Disku


The second in our series sees a mix from UK-based record label, Dar Disku.

Made up of Bahraini DJs, Mazen Almaskati and Vish Mhatre, the collective have become integral to the thrilling new awakening of the underground music scene in the Middle East. This lively duo aim to revive gems that were once hidden amid the region’s conservative regime through their crate-digging voyages around Arabia. Check out their guide to their hometown, Manama, here and read on to learn more about the mix.

Listen to Dar Disku's mix here.

Tell us about how you approached this mix.

This mix is designed to be a day-to-night transition of a journey through the Arabian Gulf. Starting with an exploration into the seaside towns of Bahrain, boomboxes playing classic rai and hip hop hits from the 80s and 90s, all the way into a nighttime car park party with makeshift sound systems, blasting Egyptian shaabi and techno. The mix takes into account the rich and diverse musical heritage of the gulf. Incorporating the various sub-genres such as rai, disco, shaabi, dabke and maghreb. The mix features Arabian artists, both old and new, and takes the listener across a magic carpet ride through old and contemporary sounds that have influenced the current sonic scene in the Middle East.

Where are you most looking forward to travel to after this all ends?

We're really looking forward to going to Amsterdam, as that's where we were meant to be right now. We have a bunch of good friends in the Netherlands and we can't wait to get there once all of this is over.

The Tracklist:

Habibi (Edit) - De Los Miedos

Rokanbo - LeonxLeon

Mektoubi - Khaled

Unreleased - Khaled

Shamaleh (GIlb-r Main Mix) - King Ghazi

Mamermaids - Mameen 3

Unreleased - Awesome Orientalists from Arabia

Unreleased - Moving Still

Visual Distortion of Reality - Whitesquare

Tubular Bells - Book of Love

07 - Three Phase