• Currency

    Nigerian Naira (NGN)

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  • Location

    6.52438, 3.37921

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Operating at erratic breakneck speeds Lagos is not a place for the faint of heart. A city bursting with culture and creativity both old and new with an energy so visceral, so kinetic, it can almost be felt through the pavements. Credited for the rise of music legend Fela Kuti and pioneering the burgeoning Alté scene, Lagos, often referred to as the fashion capital of Africa, serves as a cultural hub both within the country of Nigeria and for Africa as a whole. Its various creative scenes flow into one another. Afrobeat and Alté musicians work side by side with visual artists spinning art from the city's organised chaos, works that often fill the walls and stages at Artxlagos, West Africa's premier art fair. The city never sleeps and Fela Kuti’s New Africa Shrine, a club opened in the ’70s by the late musician in hopes of providing a haven for the downtrodden bursts with life throughout the night.