“If you plant even the smallest of seeds in fertile ground, it can grow into a mighty tree that will provide a home for the birds of the air to make their nests and raise their young.”

This Sunday we’re shaking our legs for a good cause to raise money for Mustardseed Junior School in Sentema, Uganda. Music for Mustardseed is a livestream show fundraising to get girls and boys into the school and features a stellar line up of artists who have come together to send direct love & support to the community in Kampala/Sentema, Uganda.

Music For Mustardseed is free to watch and viewers will be encouraged to text to donate while they enjoy the concert. Join us this Sunday on Mixcloud to party for a good cause at 14:00 GMT.


Jme Isaac & King Krule, Lava la Rue, Eliza, Blue Lab Beats, John Carroll Kirby, Miller Blue, Steamdown, Albertina, Kusekala Kwa Nyungu, Josh Barry, Piers James, Shamiya Battles, Yiigaa, Akin Soul, Westerman, Children of Zeus, MCS pupils & Brass for Africa & Hackney Colliery Band, DJ Cuppy, Angelita & OK Williams, Zawose Queens and Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes.

Watch Here - Sunday 14:00 BST

The cause

Mustardseed is an innovative eco-sustainable school which is rethinking education to allow for the children to live in creative harmony with the natural environment. The school is focused on teaching the children how to live in creative harmony with the natural environment. Their mission is to provide an inspirational and practical education to the young children in their care, encouraging them to flourish and prosper in Uganda and the wider World.

Mustardseed is progressive template for all schools in East Africa. The school is built from the natural resources on site. It will be eco sustainable, the site will be bio diverse and the curriculum will allow for creativity, nature and letting the children’s curiosities lead them. They want to inspire a new generation of young people with the knowledge, the will and the self-confidence to make their world a better, greener and more peaceful place. Mustardseed School will diligently prepare young children with the requisite academic and practical skills to pursue their ambitions into their secondary education and beyond.

Every child at Mustardseed School will learn how to grow and nourish seedlings so they can take trees back into their communities to help re-forest their local communities. It might sound like a drop in ocean, or just another leaf in the forest, but the motto of the school is Start Small Grow Great. By educating children to look after the environment, we are looking after the future of the planet we all share, one child at a time.

Many families in the local area may not have the means for their children to go to the school so we are raising money to ensure that there are no financial restrictions to any children in and around the Sentema area.

“My family are from Uganda and I went back in 2019… Just being immersed in the culture, I came back recharged and refreshed. I came back with new skills and new traditions form the motherland. Literally seeing how community and music comes together in educating kids and the whole of the community in a village to be able to translate messages and pass on traditions.” - Lorenz, STEAMDOWN

We speak to Eliza who has been involved in curating Music For Mustardseed.

Why was it important for you to get involved in this project?

I went out to Uganda and met the team who were building the School and could see that it was such a beautiful project with a real mission for making a natural and inspiring environment for children to learn in. Knowing that they needed funds to build and to grant all the local kids an education I knew it was important to do what I could to help.

London’s community of artists really pulled through in their support for the Ugandan community - how was the process?

I started off by trying to get Arsenal FC to pay for the school’s football pitch but couldn’t get an in. Then Michelle Castelletti at Oxford Festival of Arts suggested we do a fundraising concert and I loved the idea. I knew I could gather a little community of musicians and artists together and make something happen. It’s been such a pleasure connecting with everyone involved, seeing the generosity and passion for the project among all the artists who have contributed. I never lose faith but it reaffirms my faith in humanity. It’s beautiful to see one little community in the UK sending love and support directly to another little community in Sentema, Uganda. And that love will keep growing from a small seed into a mighty tree that will continue spreading it’s seed throughout Uganda and the World!

How can everyone support and donate?

Everyone can support by donating to Mustardseed’s just giving page which is here

Please give what you can, whether it’s £1 or £1000000!!!

Join us this Sunday at 14:00 GMT on Mixcloud to fundraise for Mustardseed Junior School.


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