Welcome to Trippin 50: a cultural calendar for a new world.

Curated by the Trippin team and leading tastemakers across the creative industries.

Trippin 50 is a definitive calendar featuring the events at the forefront of a cultural renaissance. It’s our selection of the best happenings around the world, a guide to help you plan your year ahead and consider slow, immersive travel to these areas.

Over the past three years, the events industry has been turbulent, to say the least. As the sector recovers from the financial fallout of the pandemic, there’s now an urgency for organisers to adapt to a different landscape: one that’s climate conscious and built on a more ethical framework. A new generation is fighting for the future and audiences are calling for more diversity. Furthermore, the arts have historically been used as a medium for social change.

The Trippin 50 has been designed to mirror this cultural shift. The calendar is underpinned by a number of criteria points, as explained below. In addition to being some of the best cultural gatherings across the globe, these are the events that are championing innovation. The pioneers of sustainable strategies. The organisers driving diversity or preserving cultures. The physical spaces carved out for community, for joy. Trippin 50 is therefore our manifesto, highlighting the events that are pushing forwards towards change.

The Trippin 50
Batekoo Festival on Trippin 50

Batekoo Festival

Batekoo is a festival made by, and for, Black LGBTQIA+ people in Brazil. Created by a collective of the same name, the event centres the Afro-diasporic Brazilian community.

With Black Brazilian music and dance at its core, Batekoo regularly hosts parties and their own annual festival. The events are not only spaces for safety, solidarity and community, but also joy, creativity and self-expression. Through these gatherings, Batekoo centre genderqueer and trans people who may not feel safe expressing themselves outside of these spaces. For every Baketoo event, the collective implements a Trans Free policy, allowing trans people of colour to have free access to parties.

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Dweller Festival on Trippin 50 best events around the world
Driving Diversity

Dweller Festival

NYC festival Dweller honours the Black roots of electronic music, whilst showcasing the diversity and range of Black creativity today.

Any genre of electronic music should be appreciated alongside the recognition of its Black roots: from techno to house to EDM, virtually every dancefloor and club night on Earth owes a debt to Black culture.

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International Festival of the Sahara on Trippin 50
Preserving Cultures

International Festival of the Sahara

Situated at the gateway to the Sahara, the annual International Festival of the Sahara is a four-day celebration of North African and Berber culture. Though the event has gained huge momentum, it’s lost none of its authenticity.

Each year thousands of North Africans flock to Douz, Tunisia, for the largest desert gathering since 1910. The International Festival of the Sahara is one of the most unique arts festivals in the world with a four-day showcase of Berber and Bedouin traditions and culture, ranging from camel racing to dancing and parades – all set within the H’naiech stadium.

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Berlin Atonal on Trippin 50

Berlin Atonal

The long-running German highlight is a crucial fixture of Berlin’s clubbing scene, with the jaw-dropping Kraftwerk building powering the spectacle.

A city that’s as synonymous with techno and pioneering electronic sounds as Berlin deserves a festival that underscores this hefty reputation.

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Pasifika Festival on Trippin 50
Preserving Culture

Pasifika Festival

As the world’s biggest festival celebrating the pacific arts, Pasifika showcases the unique culture, music, fare, fashion and sporting prowess of 11 island nations.

This vibrant festival has a 30-year history of celebrating the nuanced and varied cultures of 11 different Pacific Island nations including: Aotearoa (New Zealand), the Cook Islands, Fiji, Hawaii, Niue, Samoa, Tahiti, Tuvalu, Tonga, Tokelau and the Solomon Islands.

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Driving Diversity

The Dakar Biennale

The Dakar Biennale, also known as Dak'Art, is the longest-running biannual art festival in Africa.

The Senegalese art fair is imbued with a seductive air of jouissance as local artists put together temporary gallery spaces and institutions create one-off experiences.

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